Five reasons to look forward to old age…

This is hilarious and true! Definitely worth a read!


1. Age is power. You only have to look at all the old bastards lining board room tables and elbowing their way around the halls of Government to realise that. A young dog may run faster than an old dog but an old dog knows better than to waste her energy chasing sticks.

2. Your hair is now silver or even better, snow white. When you were young you probably would have paid $100s and risked death by peroxide to get it that colour. Sure, there will be people (for instance, the idiots who interview you for jobs) who think the grey in your hair has leached from your brain matter: they obviously don’t know that silver is the new blonde.

3. Nobody eyes you up any more. This is supposed to be a bad thing but I can’t see why. When I was young, random guys seemed to think…

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