The Strength of Roots

The Strewn Roots
Just a really neat shot of weeds growing out of the sidewalk with little bits of green moss speckled throughout.
It Made It
A little bit of bright green grass that has managed to grow its way through the rocks,
The Fallen Petal
A pretty ominescent pink flower petal that fell amongst the gravel. The way the sun reflects off of it giving almost a sort of glittered appearance to the petal.
A really neat capture of a disintegrated sidewalk with the strong roots of the grass that has worked it’s way up for years.

Budding Fuschia

2 beautiful fuschia colored flowers that still hasn’t shed it’s fuzzy shell that it grew in. These are really cool, and while we walk past flowers everyday I don’t think enough of us stop and realize how truly amazing flowers and trees are and what they mean to us in the world.